Increasing uniqueness onlineIncreasing uniqueness online

Plagiant: increasing the uniqueness

Our service will process the file so that the uniqueness of your work rises to the desired percentage.

Anti-plagiarism search engines are not perfect: even if you wrote a term paper or a diploma yourself, anti-plagiarism can show a low percentage of uniqueness. This is because the words and phrases you used have already been spoken by someone. But how be, there is only one language ?! Coming up with new definitions? Paradox, right?

With us you will be tested for anti-plagiarism. We will encode the file so that your file will show the required percentage in the anti-plagiarism system. With a guaranteed result.

100% Guarantee
We'll refund your money if you do not get the percentage you want. Don't waste your time on raising uniqueness by hand!
Popular Anti-plagiarism systems
We maintain the main systems that are used at universities
Processing text fragments
We only handle the part of the text that is counted as plagiarism. PDF report recognition.
Expert status
We are providers of services for similar online services. We are entrusted not only by our customers but also business partners. Read more

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Our advantages

We realize that modesty is an adornment, but we:

— Actually help those students who contact us.
We are here to guide, hear, and help you through the tests. We do what we can, and we don't leave you in the cold. Feedback is the best proof of that.

— We assist with complex files (report of bypass attempts, file recovery after encoding, and more).
This is really true: clients come to us who could not be hired by other companies.

— We are a truly big team and the company with its own network of partners.
We take great pride in the service quality and we hold the mark.
It certainly doesn't compare to the freelancers who offer uniqueness improvement services as an individual.

— We don't make up our own testimonials. All reviews are real.
No student will publish a review that he or she cheated the anti-plagiarism. And post a photo of yourself and a link to your personal page. Would you leave such a feedback? That's why we have almost no reviews on social networks. Unlike our competitors :)

Since 2014, our service has been tried out by thousands of college students from tens of universities across Russia. More than half of them are using the service on a permanent basis!

The developers of the anti-plagiarism search system are trying to understand how the Plagiant system works :)

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