"I use the service to tighten the offensive missing 5-10%" - our regular client Artem told how and why he uses the "Plagiant" service

We have a lot of regular clients: someone is with us from the first year, and someone writes work to order. Artem, one of our regular clients, writes student papers. From time to time, technical support works closely with him: we clean, modify the files, help with the design in accordance with GOST (although we do not have such a service).

We recently corresponded with him about the future of anti-plagiarism. I publish this post with his permission.

We talked about the number of students who need help. According to him, 3-4 students turn to him a week, who need work with a uniqueness of at least 80%. Writing term papers or diplomas with high uniqueness is a very hard work that takes days and weeks.

"... I use the service to tighten up the offensive missing 5-10%."

Indeed, indeed: you wrote the work. Coursework, diploma, essay - it doesn't matter.

We made a plan ourselves. Collected material - books, the Internet, libraries of dissertations - but where else to get information?) We formed conclusions in my head and highlighted the main idea. Then they typed the text of the work IN OWN WORDS (from the head). And in the end, the uniqueness does not hold out! It's a shame. And all because phrases like "in this way, the study shows" have already been written by someone and this is considered plagiarism.

"It is very tiring to pervert with the search for other formulations" writes Artem. "It's easier to run it through an online service and turn up the percentage."

Authors have to practice their knowledge of philology in order to write unique texts. We wish Artyom success and ease on the way to unique texts!

* * *

Remember that you yourself can achieve the desired uniqueness if you rewrite everything in your own words. This will take several days. Be sure to immediately pass the test at the university: otherwise, new phrases will appear in the anti-plagiarism database that may be similar to yours. And the uniqueness will decrease.

If you want a quick and reliable result - contact us;) We are professionals in this matter.

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