How it works

The service makes coding of the paper to pass the check in the plagiarism search systems.

1. Analysis of the original file. Each file is unique, and before we begin encoding, the service analyzes its settings and verifies the initial percentage. Then, based on the collected data, determines the most efficient encoding method.

2. File encoding. Processing can take from several seconds to 20 minutes according to the size of the file (by the way, on the topic of processing speed - our blog post).

3. Checkup of the ready file. After the file is ready to be processed, it is checked for the percentage obtained. In this manner the service evens out the figures to the desired percentage.

4. File is finished. You can get the processed ready file after the payment. If you want, you can re-process the same file for free (for example, if you want to lower or raise the percentage).

Thus, the text is unchanged during encoding, the file's appearance remains unchanged. The processed file now has two text versions: for a computer and for a human.

In some instances, the number of pages slightly increases: this occurs, for examples, if new partitions were created using Enter rather than the "Page Break" function. If this happens - write to support, we will help you ;)

How to order?

Upload your file, indicate the desired uniqueness percentage and the service will increase the uniqueness in your file. With the filters and multi-step processing developed by our experts, the uniqueness of the text will increase to the desired uniqueness percentage. You will need only to download the prepared file, double-check it and submit it to your university.

Increase Uniqueness
The service is used by students of various universities:

Since 2014, our service has been tried out by thousands of college students from tens of universities across Russia. More than half of them are using the service on a permanent basis!