Quality execution of the obligation to increase the originality of the text in your work - our goal!

We are experts in the area of increasing the uniqueness of text works. That is why we are entrusted not only by our clients, but also by our business partners.

When you became our client, you can be assured of the result: we accompany each student to the protection. And don't worry about security: all uploaded files and data are protected from access by unauthorized persons.

How precisely do we enforce the guarantee policy?

We support the client free of cost until submission.

This means that we advise on any issues related to the process of passing the anti-plagiarism check.

We do the file re-processing for free.

This implies that if you need to raise or lower the percentage - we do it for free. If you have made changes to your paper, and it needs to be coded again - we will do that for free as well. Please see the guidelines for editing a coded file.

We often clean files for free.

Sometimes you need cleaning a file from previous encodings. Or when copying material from the Internet, "artifacts" appear in the Word file that interfere with the percentage increase. For our regular customers, we perform this service for free.

And, of course, we give emotional support to those who are nervous and do not fall asleep in the third day :))

We are always in touch and are ready to help you. Contact us to receive a free consulting on passing the anti-plagiarism check.